It is time for Thin blue line to become the Thick blue line and that change begins with us
Right here, right now.
The Sheepdog Family
WARNING: If you are a blue falcon (i.e. a buddy f*cker), you have no problem throwing officers under the bus to better yourself and when in IA you proudly name drop... this group isn't for you.
When's the last time you found yourself feeling pissed off and frustrated at the job, Sheepdog?
-A post made to the Sheepdog Family from a LEO inside
I hope you don't stay in that anger for long though because it can eat you alive and take your career.

Things will happen in your career and you need to be prepared for it... 
The academy doesn't prepare for for this things...
Your FTO doesn't either..
Your Agency? Nope. They Don't Either...

But who does? A cop who has gotten hurt on the job, kicked while she was down and still got back up and works every day to make sure LEOs from around the world are prepared for when the shit hits the fan. 
This group has turned into a family. 
There is now a group chat that is in real time and offers officer's 24/7 support from other officers from all across the country. 
The Sheepdog Family isn't just a "LEO only" group. (it is that too) 
But the morale built here is unlike anything else. 

Quoted directly from officers in it:
" This group has changed my life"
"I didn't know I needed it but now that I have it, I never want to lose it"
"We are more family then any other group of cops I've ever been apart of"
Do You Dare to be Different?
Survive the job with your family, relationships and mental health intact
"I have been there. I have let the job eat me alive.
I have spent nights crying in my cruiser... in pure agony because of how stuck I felt.
I have been written up for saying the F word in my patrol car... when no one was around me and I was sitting in the PD parking lot... My cruiser cam was on and my Sgt was looking to jam me up... so I got jammed up.
I've been humiliated in briefing when a supervisor singled me out for no reason...
I've been ganged up on by my entire shift INCLUDING dispatch because I refused to not speak up when things were not going right...
 I know how it feels to be outcasted while my entire shift eats dinner together and I was not only not invited, I also was voluntold to cover all calls for everyone else while they ate together."

This is the stuff that will ruin a cop quick. 
It will make a new cop turn sour FAST and cause a veteran cop to no longer give a damn about ANYTHING and just be there to collect a paycheck.
This is Why I Created
The Sheepdog Family Exclusive LEO Only Community
It's an exclusive group focused on changing the culture of law enforcement for the better, by providing a place for LEOs to hang out in a structured, private group (off of social media) where you don't have to be worried about getting jammed up because you can make yourself completely anonymous. Not only is it a place to vent, help another LEO out and solve problems, it is also a place where you will actually be taught new lessons, in leadership, communication, new ways to think outside the box  and change your perspective as well as 
you will be given the tools to cause life changing transformations for yourself!
From a LEO in the family talking about the Sheepdog Family Group!
The Benefits of Being Apart of the Sheepdog Family:

->You get a confidential place to vent about whats going on in your life and you don't have to worry about getting jammed up. 

-> You become a part of the Sheepdog Family, 24/7 support and you get to be apart of our yearly MEETUP!

-> You will have the ability to work through problems you are facing personally and professionally with other officers who are there to support you.

->You get support with helping you to advance your career by applying for a promotion or if you want to transfer departments

-> You will have the ability to actually talk things out via bi-weekly group calls lead by Autumn who will be teaching about various topics and answering questions 

-> Assistance in creating a a plan b for you in the event something were to happen to you (injury or sudden loss of job) or if you are gearing up for retirement 

-> If you participate then you are sure to be apart of innovative leadership training with conventional and unconventional strategies you can take back and apply to your PD.

-> All while gaining an education in yourself. Learning how to stay true to yourself so that you do not get stuck in a negative rut and lose yourself, your job and your family. 
A LEO in the Sheepdog Family sharing with us how at first the money was an objection....but now they see how badly they NEED this!
So, what is the Sheepdog Family??
It is an exclusive group of LEO's only. It's on a different platform then any social media you are currently using and it is in the form of a group similar to Facebooks. 

You will create an email (if you don't have one already) that will keep you anonymous inside the group.
Officers will be encouraged to talk freely about real issues or situations they have faced or are facing with other officers who GET IT
Also, the group has it's own app, allowing for easy use right from your phone.

It will not be a b**** fest in this group, instead it will be a place where the brother and sisterhood will be brought back and strengthened through conversations, personal development, trainings and live calls officers can ask Autumn and/or the group  questions or discuss hot topics.

You will be able to send in the topics you want discussed to Autumn who will be leading the group, so no one knows who brought the topic up...
AND there will be bi-weekly group calls where everyone gets on and will not only listen to whatever topic of the week is getting discussed, you will actually be able to talk to Autumn live and be coached through whatever you could use support with.

We need to be around people who are like us, who get us and who can help us through the rough times of being a cop. 
Real Conversations, Real Support, Real Family.
How It Works:

You will click the button below to sign up 

Then you will fill out the form that lets Autumn know who you are

You will send a pic of your credentials to her via email or Instagram, proving you are in fact a LEO.
(Retired LEOs welcomed)

Once your information is received you will be given access to join the Sheepdog Family Group and you will be given the link to join in on the bi-weekly calls.
(Keep in mind all calls are recorded due to crazy cop schedules, not everyone will be able to always join live)

You'll be given instructions to download the app right on your phone for EASY access!

Then you are in! You get to converse with other LEOS who are not on ego trips and all there for the same reason, to build the brother and sisterhood back up in and make our family STRONG again!

If You Join RIGHT NOW You Can Join the Family for $35 a Month
However, This Price Will Be Increasing to $50 after the next 5 Sheepdogs Join.
There Is a 50 Person Cap In The Group 
As We Want It As Tight Niched as Possible.
(FYI that's less then $25 per coaching call with  Autumn)
Don't delay and pay MORE... join us now and get in for the LOWEST cost the FAMILY will ever be!
You May Be Thinking....
"Why would I join this paid group when I can hang out in the free ones I'm already in now?"
First, I am going to say this, if you are here and still not sure this is right for you, I'm not going to try to talk you into this. The Sheepdog Family is for a certain kind of cop, one is who tired of fightin' the good fight alone, ready to become the best version of themselves then can be now and is humble enough to know that this is one of a kind group is where they need to be... not only to receive support but to give it to fellow LEOS as well. 

This group is completely different from all other groups because it is NOT just a bitch session. It is a place where officers come to learn, feel like they belong and GROW!
Warning: There will be no ego driven comments or posts tolerated. No one will be bashing on anyone else or they will be deleted and removed without a warning or refund. 
The Founder of The Sheepdog Family Group
Autumn Schmidt 
(maiden name, Clifford)
Autumn is the founder of not only this group but the Sheepdog Nation Podcast who supports thousands of law enforcement officers all across the world and teaches them through her work to become powerful leaders while staying true to themselves and not letting the job take over their lives.  Autumn has been a police officer since 2010, got injured on the job in 2016 which was looking like it would take her out of law enforcement completely, which is why she began a life coaching business, helping hundreds of people all across the world to better their lives, build businesses and to be the best versions of themselves possible. Autumn now works in part time capacity for a small police department in Maine while she continues with her coaching business. She just completed her masters in Criminal Justice and will also be teaching at the college level. Autumn takes standing out from the crowd and leading to a whole new level. by staying true to herself, saying it how she sees it and is actively working to change the cop culture, for the better around the country.
If you are new to Autumn, take a second to listen to her podcast or check her out on Instagram (@theladysheepdog) because she isn't your typical instagram cop. She's a cops cop who is no bullshit but values loyalty and respect for the blue like no other.  
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